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Mary Ann Simmons

Mary Ann Simmons

For Mary Ann Simmons boxes presented the ultimate challenge in silversmithing. From this exacting practice she creates silverware in all sizes, from large scale tableware to small scale pocket items. Clean lines, facets, precision and containment are her inspiration. From cube forms, she gradually expanded to making multi-faceted pieces. In her latest works she is pushing boundaries of the technique and the scale to create objects using the simplicity of the multi-sided form: a two dimensional material is scored and folded to create pieces with depth, volume and intrigue.

Her work is collected internationally and she has exhibited widely. Her work is collected and commissioned by individuals, private collectors, celebrities and is featured in the Goldsmiths’ Company Collection.

Photo etching often features in Mary Ann’s work. “This began by making commemorative pieces based on letters written to me by my mother.”

Her Royal College of Art degree show consisted of a series of box making projects featuring handwriting on steel, glass and silver. Etching is still used in her own work, and she now offers her etching service to other makers and designers:

“To date I have done photo etching for many makers including silversmiths and jewellers who use their own ideas in their work. Sometimes patterns come completed by the maker themselves, sometimes I produce their patterns for them.”

Photo etching is a flexible, quick way to decorate objects and Mary Ann offers etching depths for the decorative surface to deeper etching for enamelling. “From time to time I’m asked to etch on large scale objects which presents me with unique and interesting challenges.”


How to contact Mary Ann Simmons.

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